Gaff Sailer Gageiro

Discover the beautiful Algarve with its impressive cliff line, picturesque bays and long and sandy beaches from a different view: on board of the traditional gaff sailer Gageiro. Traditional sailing ships like the gaff sailer Gageiro (Portuguese for "lookout") still fascinate in our modern and fast moving world.

What people may feel and think at the sight of the old cogs, galleons, caravels with its imposing masts and sails: nostalgia for past times, romance of the distance, pirates and naval battles, the rough sea, the flavour of salt, wood and tar, old pubs in the harbours, where the adventures of past journeys are still present. Most of us still sympathise with these ships, which once sailed out on the ocean under greater risks like their modern successors.

Today the weather conditions like wind and waves are still like at the times of the Portuguese discoverer. Take a short time off from your everyday life, smell the sea air and experience the atmosphere of traditional seafaring.


Day Trip "Maritime Experience"

Nature and Sailing - the perfect combination for a lovely day!Segeltörn Algarve
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Half-day Trip "Just Sailing"

Just Sailing - Have some stressless hours on the sea on board of the traditional Gageiro.
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Privat Charter

A different place for your family parties or unforgettable hours together with friends.Segeltörn Algarve
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